San Juan Center Inc.

Iris Vizcarronda
Employment Coordinator

Mission: To provide social and economic development services for low and moderate income residents of Hartford, CT.

San Juan Center provides essential public services including educational and employment programs (focused around, but not limited to computer literacy training), an active information and referral service that help clients find solutions to various health, housing, human service and crisis counseling needs. In addition to owning the building at 1283 Main Street, which houses our headquarters, we also built and now manage both a 36-unit Senior Housing Complex on Belden St. and a Thrift Store on Main Street, that address the most basic needs of the community.

SCAN Member Profile
The San Juan Center Inc, decided to participate in the Seniors Community Action Network to build upon it’s legacy of serving the city of Hartford’s aging population and expand its capacity. The SanJuan Center currently has some housing development projects which will support seniors and families. Expanding the level of service’s for Hartford aging population, transportation via a new van, expanding senior programs, and a potential senior center are all in the strategic plan for the San Juan Center. The SCAN Project is helping them focus to reach these new goals.

1283 Main Street, Hartford, CT. 06103

The Brooks Token Inc.

Quintesia Brooks
Executive Director

Mission: Our mission is to create a better everyday life for many people by breaking systemic barriers that so many face.

Our organization is designed to help victims of fire loss repair and rebuild their lives step by step. In addition, our program services individuals returning home from incarceration, those currently living in shelters looking to relocate, those that are currently homeless, and domestic violence victims. Our services include, security deposit assistance, G.E.D. testing preparation,updated resumes, our basic human needs community closet,mobile food pantry and more!

SCAN Member Profile
The Brooks Token Inc. joins the SCAN Cohort project with an objective of learning and creatingsustainable business practices to allow them to scale. The organization is focused on aquiring avan to enhance its mobile food delivery assistance program which delivers hot meals to Hartford seniors protecting fighting food insucurity and promoting wellness for all.
“Operation Token”, delivers hot meals 3 nights per week! They currently deliver to fire victim families residing in local hotels, lead relocation families, disabled seniors and their care givers. Clothing/shoes, and hygiene products are also provided to those in need on a daily basis!

750 Main Street, Suite 610, Hartford, CT. 06103

Easterseals Capital Region & Eastern CT

Jen Thomas MSA MBA
Director of Medical Rehabilitation

Mission: To lead the way to 100% equity, inclusion, and access for people with disabilities, families and communities by enriching education, enhancing health, expanding employment and elevating community.

Easterseals is here to help our patients gain as much independence as possible in their daily lives. Our interdisciplinary team of experienced providers specialize intreating adults and children with various physical, emotional,behavioral, and cognitive needs. We work together as an interdisciplinary team, customizing our treatment plans for each patient and their family, while our sessions are delivered individually to promote the best possible outcomes.

SCAN Member Profile
The EasterSeals Medical Rehabilitation center joined the SCAN Network to increase it’s capacity and services that can potentially offer to seniors improving quality of life. In her leadership role,Jen Thomas aims to increase awareness, expand inclusionary access, and learn to leverage and scale up to receive additional funding to reach new goals and objectives.

100 Deerfield Rd, Windsor, CT 06095

Woh Womaniya Inc.

Ritu Goel
Director & Outreach Specialist

Woh Womaniya Inc. concentrates on the South Asian community, specifically woman, elderly, and kids. The purpose of this organization is to enrich, educate, help, and uplift woman to have a better qualify of Life.

SCAN Member Profile
Ritu has a passion for serving her community and has noticed significant cultural gaps for aging woman of Asian decscent. She has successfully launched a support group of over 800 member utilizing social media to share resources, plan events, and provide support services. As a SCAN cohort member, Ritu is working on the mission, vision, and strategic plan for Woh Womaniay Inc. Together we have started fleshing through “By Laws” and will work to get established as a 501c3 non profit organization.

80 Cornerstone Drive, South Windsor, CT 06074

Greater Works Hope Point

Samuel Saylor Sr.
Executive Director

Mission: To answer the call of servicefor those who find themselves in the rear guard of life’s challenges.

Greater Works Hope Point provides logistic services for seniors to keep them connected to life’s challenges and the velocity ofthe changing world around them, balancing cultural shifts, loneliness, and access to resources.

54 Boothbay St, Hartford, CT 06112

Nutmeg Senior Rides

Margaret Hale
Executive Director

Mission: To improve the quality of life for people 50 and older and adults with visual impairments by providing members affordable, door-through-door, personal transportation.

At Nutmeg Senior Rides, we have improved the quality of life for hundreds of seniors through our transportation services. Nutmeg Senior Rides offers affordable transportation services for seniors. This service allows the elderly to perform different daily activities that may seem easy to manage for many of us but, for our users, represent a significant change in their day-to-day development.

SCAN Member Profile
Nutmeg Senior Rides has been providing rides and expanding its service area since 2008. Today the focus is on updating their strategic plan, growing from 30 rides to 50 rides per day and stabilizing operations through sound fiscal management and improving its access to capital. As a SCAN cohort member, Margaret’s focus has been on updating the strategic plan and expanding capacity. We have also talked about licensing the “Rides Model” to duplicate in other communities.

P.O. Box 448, East Windsor, CT. 06088

Manchester Housing Authority

Shannon McKay
Resident Services Coordinator

Provides service to tenants from MHA properties who require information on a multitude of social service and benefit programs including medical, dental, financial, mental health and legal services. The RSC is also available to assist with referrals and linkages to state and private home care, higher level care facilities, process various types of paperwork, review mail, arrange transportation programs, follow-up with problematic issues and concerns, mediate/facilitate conflict resolution, conservatorship processing, and manage Open Enrollment for Medicare Part D and the annual Renter’s Rebate program.

SCAN Member Profile
Shannon joined the SCAN Cohort in an attempt to expand capacity for the increase in Seniors within their network. Expanding awareness of the services and seeking funding to compliment programs that provide access to food, health, and public safety goals are all objectives of the Manchester’s Housing Authoritie’s participaiton in the SCAN project

860-643-2163 x 110
24 Bluefield Drive, Manchester, CT 06040

Heroes of Hope Community Development Center Inc.

Dr. Celeste Johnson
Executive Director

Urban Hope Refuge Church (UHRC) ignites believers to bring renewal to their community and the world. We believe that God has equipped every believer with capacity to make a difference where they are with what they have. At UHRC, where passionate worship and community activism meet, we collaborate with others to strengthen our community and make life better for our neighbors-as we follow Jesus. In our advocacy, we have serviced families and provided support services for the aging population.

SCAN Member Profile
Dr. Johnson as representative for UHRC has been instrumental in bridging their community development committee. In an effort to expand capacity and seek funding, they have now established the Heroes of Hope Community Development Center to provide support services to families. The are making a significant impact on elders 50+ who are raising grand children, known as “kindship care” and the challenges this relationship can bring.

860 922 7413
136 Westland St, Hartford, CT, 06120