The ADRC Program assists person 60 years or older, and persons with disabilities.

ADRC’s purpose is to empower individuals to consider all options available, make informed decisions, and access community based long term services & supports that help them meet their personal goals for independence.

Services Provided by the ADRC Program Application Assistance

  • Applying for Services & Benefits

Assisting with completion of applications on behalf of consumers to address housing, financial and/or health needs, or other support services needed in the community.

  • Benefits Counseling

Providing information to help an individual understanding the benefits to which the person may be entitled to or eligible for.

  • Options Counseling

Helping individuals make informed choices about long-term and supports in the context of the individual’s preferences, strengths, needed services, values, and individual circumstances.

  • Case Consultation

Collaborating with consumers, and their caregivers if appropriate, to obtain necessary information, guidance and assistance from other community professionals or providers that assist people with securing long-term-care services, other support services and/or on-going benefits counseling.

  • Short-term Support

NCAAA ADRC assistance provided lasts no more than three months.

  • Bilingual Dementia Friends

Inform family and friend about the challenges that this distinctive cognitive disease brings to a household.

For more information, please contact Angelina Roldan, Community Choices Counselor/ADRC at (860)724-6443 x241 or

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