New survey seeks consumer input on the aging and caregiving process in Connecticut

The “Great AAAsk “ is a robust, statewide survey sponsored by all five Area Agencies on Aging in Connecticut.

STATEWIDE, Conn. — A new survey is asking Connecticut residents — particularly those over the age of 60 and caregivers — to weigh in on the needs, concerns and priorities of the state’s older population. The survey, known as “The Great AAAsk” is a 40-question survey available online, by phone, or by mail. This survey, sponsored by the Area Agencies on Aging (AAA), is being conducted statewide throughout the month of May — appropriately Older Americans Month. The data gathered will help this generation and all generations develop the proper resources and support for care that is accessible, appropriate and evolving.

“Age-related challenges can take a toll on everyone, whether you’re personally coping with aging or caring for someone who is,” said Melissa Lang, President and CEO, Agency on Aging of South Central CT. “We ask you to please make your voice heard as part of the Great AAAsk. We assure older state residents that the information being gathered is confidential and secure. No details such as date of birth or other private information is part of this process. The questions are general fact gathering, such as asking how resources are found now, and how that might be different. Taking our survey, whether online, on the phone or in hard copy will enable us to ensure that Connecticut’s older population will be able to access the support they need — and deserve.”

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The Great AAAsk was developed under the authority of a consortium of the five private, nonprofit Area Agencies on Aging in Connecticut, including the Southwestern Connecticut Agency on Aging, Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut,

 Senior Resources – Agency on Aging – Eastern Connecticut, North Central Area Agency on Aging, and Western

 Connecticut Area Agency on Aging. These agencies administer federal and state funding to organizations that provide much-needed services for adults age 60 and older, including Social Services, nutritional services, disease prevention and healthy living, family and caregiver support, and adult day care.

“There are 1.2 million people in Connecticut over the age of 50 and we hope to connect with as many of that population — and caregivers — as possible through our survey,” said Joan Wessell, Executive Director, Senior Resources Agency on Aging. “Once completed, every organization or entity that cares for those 60 and older will have some great answers from the Great AAAsk.”

The survey is being conducted by Great Blue Research, Inc. of Glastonbury, Connecticut, a respected, 43-year research and data consulting firm — with the goal of engaging with at least 1,500 respondents over a 30-day period.

Once the data is collected, the Area Agencies on Aging plan to apply the insights gained to their delivery models and, more importantly, share these insights with peers and referral partners from border to border.

Learn more about The Great AAAsk survey here.

Contacts at Area Agencies on Aging in CT

 Southwestern Connecticut Agency on Aging | Marie L. Allen | |203-333-9288 or 203-814-3661

 Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut | Melissa L. Lang | | 203-785-8533

 Senior Resources – Agency on Aging – Eastern Connecticut | Joan Wessell | | 860-887-3561

 North Central Area Agency on Aging | Maureen C. McIntyre | | 860-724-6443

 Western Connecticut Area Agency on Aging | Michael Hebert | | (203) 757-5449 or (800) 994-9422